Connect the Waybox to the app

NOTE: For the following steps, it is not necessary to have internet connection on your smartphone.

1. If the smartphone has the Wi-Fi enabled, turn off the Wi-Fi.

2. Click on the serial number of the Waybox.

3. Turn on the Waybox and wait for 30 seconds, so that the Waybox Wi-Fi hotspot is activated (the hotspot activates after the emission of two acoustic signals). The hotspot remains active for 1 minute after turning on the Waybox.

4. Click on the ENABLE button on the app.

5. Enable the smartphone’s Wi-Fi and connect to the Waybox Wi-Fi (the name of the Wi-Fi is Waybox-XXX, whereas XXX are the last 3 digits from the Serial Number of the Waybox).

6. Wait for the connection to be established with the Waybox Wi-Fi. The process will end after all the  are present.