When I charge a Tesla Model 3 and set TOU, sometimes charging starts immediately at 6 Amp

At the time of writing Tesla have a concern with the Mode 3 protocol, where the vehicle does not have a wake-up-pilot feature. The latter is required for the charger to be able to wake-up the vehicle and start a charge session as required when TOU has been set. There are two options to support this issue:
1: Pick model 3 vehicle without (type two) if you don’t want to use sentry but, you will have a trickle charge of 6 Amp
2: Pick a model with (type two) if you use sentry and TOU will work fine but, note this will only work if a battery is above 20%. When Tesla rectifies the concern, Enel X Way app will be able to operate as it does for any other vehicle using mode 3 protocol.